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Four OkaySo application screens floating.

The new and improved platform connecting users in need to experts who can help.

Getting Started

OkaySo is a non-profit organization serving thousands of youths across the US by providing easy, anonymous access to experts in relevant fields such as reproductive health, gender identity, and more.


In 2019, we were asked by their team to assist in redesigning their current application, implementing a newly minted brand, and improving current functionality to optimize the experience for young, tech savvy users, and a constantly busy team of expert volunteers.

Our goal with this project was to create an interface that was as extremely simple, with the time to action for asking and answering questions being paramount to the success of the new build.

Digital Strategy

Integrating the Brand

In order to ensure that the brand stayed true when applying it to their mobile application, our team performed a 2 week brand orientation, in which both parties familiarized themselves with the brand and created elements and thematic frameworks of the application that allowed for open discussion.

UI/UX Design


With OkaySo, we found that there was beauty in simplicity. Our team's primary focus was to ensure that the process of asking a question, and getting an answer was quick, easy, and efficient, providing users with peace of mind, and experts with the ability to handle volume at scale.

With these priorities in mind, we directed our focus to the Q&A functions on the user side, and the inbox/messaging system on the expert side, creating a cohesive system that worked together to make the process seamless.

Optimizing Q&A

To begin, we identified the simplest possible way to ask a question in their current application. We took this experience, optimized it to cut down on time to action, and created a new, 3 tap experience from start to finish.

Improving the Inbox

We created an inbox that was versatile, powerful and had all of the functionality you expect in a messaging platform.

Manage Everything

As the final step of the design process, we were tasked with creating a profile type that could create, moderate, and manage experts and users from the comfort of a mobile device.

Expert Controls

These experts could open, close, and manage the conversations they took part in to provide the best possible experience to their users.

User Feedback

Users could provide feedback on their experience, both for the expert and the application as a whole, allowing for incremental improvement and audits of Experts.