Digital Strategy  •  UI/UX Design

Salon appointments requested, scheduled, and paid for virtually.


SalonOn came to us with the goal of creating an application that could capitalize on the constantly empty seats at almost every salon/hairdresser, and allow them to be used for hair appointments by stylists who didn't yet have their own physical location.

Digital Strategy

The Process

When designing the framework of an application, it is important to have a process by which you not only make a unique product, but also understand the value you are attempting to create. With SalonOn, our team followed this 5 step process to design the interface.

UI/UX Design


With SalonOn, we designed three separate interfaces, one for each of the user types. The first was for Salons, who could use the interface to rent out their free space. The second was the Stylists who could take appointments and pay for space. The last was clients, who could schedule and pay for appointments in-app.

Manage Appointments

Manage everything as a stylist from appointments, to cost structure, to salon seating applications, all from your mobile device.

Request Appointments

Easily request appointments and get results that match your budget and with the highest level of experience.

Manage Salon Seats

Manage your salon and rent out available space to prospective stylists. Upload photos, amenities, and more to your profile to get more hits.

Stylist Controls

These experts could open, close, and manage the conversations they took part in to provide the best possible experience to their users.

User Feedback

Users could provide feedback on their experience, both for the expert and the application as a whole, allowing for incremental improvement and audits of Experts.