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Creating healthy habits to improve your mind, body, and overall wellness.

Getting Started

SimpliThrive is an up and coming wellness application that pairs wellness with the holistic ideas of well being.

Founded on with a mission to “Close with and unite Veterans and civilians in common purpose, to overcome life’s challenges by facing them head on,” SimpliThrive joined forces with our team to create a product that would serve people in every facet of the wellness sphere, curating a well rounded system for staying healthy for people everywhere.

Started in 2019, we created over 300 prototype screens, formulated branding guidelines, and performed hundreds of hours of research to create the newly envisioned: SimpliThrive.

Digital Strategy

Creating the Brand

One of the core principles of SimpliThrive was that there exist six different types of wellness. These categories, if you will, when maintained equally, amount to a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Our approach was to create a color system with each pillar having its own identifying color, and using that system throughout the application to both reinforce user actions, and amplify SimpliThrive’s unique take on healthy living.

UI/UX Design


Due to the sheer size of the proposed application, we focused heavily on the user experience. It was important not only to provide a wholistic set of functionality for users looking to stay healthy, but also to provide an engaging and easily navigable experience for users across the technological spectrum.

Using proven card sorting techniques, multiple rounds of user testing, and countless hours of market research we identified pain points, perfected navigation, and created a truly memorable interface.

Actionable Wellness

Each of the six pillars of wellness focuses on a core action people take every day in order to maintain healthy minds and bodies. We designed modules for each that were quick and easy, accessible from anywhere on the app.

Practical Navigation

One of the primary pain points that we identified was the sheer amount of functionality included in the application. To prevent roadblocks in the user experience, we created two navigation bars that allow the user to transition seamlessly between type of wellness and desired app functionality.

Activity Tracking

The true purpose of the application is to improve your wellness over time, creating healthy habits as you improve. To reinforce this, we created individual and overall visualizations of user activity to show growth and improvement.

Earn Interactive Rewards

To further reinforce and promote growth and healthy living, users are rewarded for continuous activity logging, with progress towards rewards shown through the growth of their "tree".

Purchase Products with Earnings

These reward points can then be spent in the in-app partner store, complete with vetted sponsor products that promote the same healthy lifestyle that SimpliThrive supports.