Digital Strategy  •  UI/UX Design
Hand holding Transmira application.

Bringing location to life through revolutionary experimental marketing.


Transmira is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and engage with their consumers by offering sophisticated and proprietary technology to unleash an endless array of possibilities.

They make it easy for brands, businesses, and content creators to monetize metaverse technologies, ranging from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality. Transmira goes beyond novelty experiences and simple games to excite and captivate consumers with amazing experiences that enhance brand prestige, extend brand reach, and multiply sales and transactions.

The only limit is the imagination.

UI/UX Design


Due to the sheer size of the proposed application, we focused heavily on the user experience. It was important not only to provide a wholistic set of functionality for users looking to stay healthy, but also to provide an engaging and easily navigable experience for users across the technological spectrum.

Using proven card sorting techniques, multiple rounds of user testing, and countless hours of market research we identified pain points, perfected navigation, and created a truly memorable interface.

Create and Manage Campaigns

Creating a marketing campaign is easy and completely customizable. Users can manage objects, generators, and offers with just a few clicks.

Compare Real-Time Stats

Each advertising campaign is meticulously tracked with live data on collections, redemptions and more accessible to all administrators.

Live Map Interface

The live map interface allows campaigns to be created, managed, and tracked visually, via an in-depth GUI interface.

Collect Items in Augmented Reality

Use your camera to identify, find, and collect objects in augmented reality, all in-app.

Real-world rewards

Redeem collected items for rewards, trade collectibles with friends, or add to your own collection.