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Bringing hospitality back to the restaurant industry, one shift at a time.

Getting Started

In early 2019, we were introduced to UBAR's team, and their goal to create an application that helped restaurants, bars, and their employees fill the gaps in the current employment system by outsourcing shifts that were not desired by current employees with verified workers, and providing business owners with the means to manage and pay current employees through an inclusive POS system.

Digital Strategy

Mapping the Journey

The goal of the early stages of the project was to create a user flow that allowed businesses to hire staff, and for staff to apply for and take jobs on the fly, filling the existing manual gap of searching for shift replacements

UI/UX Design

Core Functionality

After thorough research and planning, our teams had decided on three key features for UBAR, which would shape the user experience on the application.

The first was the ability to apply for shifts by quickly and easily requesting shift replacements for businesses and filling shift requests for bartenders and restaurant workers.

The second was the ability to track shifts with in-depth management tools and current/replacement employee lists with a full calendar view of shifts.

Finally, there was the ability for businesses to send requirements, hours, and pay to qualified replacements, and pay replacements immediately through the application.

Shift Management and Search

Every employee has access to their dashboard, which can be used to manage shifts for which they are currently scheduled and apply for shifts in their place of work or in their area.

Apply for Shifts

We set out to make the shift application process as simple as possible. To apply, employees simply need to enter their credentials on signup, press search, and they will be matched with interested candidates in the area.

Micromanage In-House and Outsourced Shifts.

View shift specifics such as slot counts, full/empty counts, customizable shift times, and much more with an easy, intuitive mobile interface.

Get Paid

We created UI for an integrated payment system, so that employees could earn straight through the app after every shift, and chat on demand with support and business managers about shifts, pay, and more.

Notifications and More

The system also provided bars and restaurants with complete management capabilities for filling empty shifts with substitute servers and bartenders.