Digital Strategy  •  UI/UX Design

Create the perfect night out.


WAVE is a platform built to create a community around nightlife. With bars and nightlife being a chaotic environment, many evenings are unplanned. Our team created the WAVE platform to provide you, your friends, and the people in your area with live stats, drink deals, and the ability to plan the perfect night.

UI/UX Design


With SalonOn, we designed 3three separate interfaces, one for each of the user types. The first was for Salons, who could use the interface to rent out their free space. The second was the Stylists who could take appointments and pay for space. The last was clients, who could schedule and pay for appointments in-app.

Plan Your Night Out

From looking for plans, to making them with friends, WAVE has you covered with an easy to use interface with all of your local favorites.

Add Your Friends and Interests

WAVE is community driven, and allows you to add all of your friends, interests, and feedback in-app to personalize your experience.

Find Your Friends

The live map interface allows you to find your friends while they're out. Catch up with your group or see what's happening in your area.

Create and Plan with WAVE Groups

WAVE groups allow you to make different plans with different groups of people, keeping all of your social circles organized.

Night Mode

WAVE changes look and functionality based on the time of day. When night rolls around users can see live stats on what bars are most attended and see the evenings drink deals.