The applications of technologies in the education sector are limitless: facilitating hands-on learning, sharing lessons on the cloud, encouraging collaboration between students, and broadcasting advancements and information about your school, university or department.

Our powerful IT services can help you digitally transition all aspects of your classroom, engross learners, and contribute to an ever-growing reserve of information on internet.



Educators have become increasingly aware of the role that engaged, hands-on learning plays in retention of information. Our design and user experience proficiency will help you captivate and retain the attention of eager learners.


As schools and universities reframe teaching to gear students toward the growing service industry, it is increasingly important to emphasize group communication and collaboration. Our cloud development solutions will facilitate collective efforts between educators and scholars, from work, university, school, or at home.


LLT’s software solutions are perfect for for taking your school to the next level with cloud infrastructures designed to keep your students and teachers connected.



The UNC Entrepreneurship department website, created by LLT, is a resource offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to provide students who are interested in entrepreneurship with information about courses



Iceburg is an application, designed and developed by Linker Logic Technologies, that connects students and their parents with other students in the area that share the same interests and hobbies. The application also connects students that need help in certain academic areas to ones that can tutor them.