Mobile health tracking from daily nutritional and water intake to health resources and content.

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Project Summary

Infinite30 approached us with an existing business model as a health and wellness service provider. They wanted to revolutionize their current process by bringing it to mobile, with a friendly and easy to use interface complete with management tools to interact daily with thei clients.

Strategy and Ideation

Analysis and Breakdown

UI/UX Design

Visualizing the Journey

We designed an interface with a color scheme to reflect the 4 major functions of the application. Highlight colors were used to indicate categories inside the application and make functionality easy to understand. From custom data views to product and recipe displays, users can visualize every meal, product, idea, and goal in their road to losing weight and staying healthy.

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What is Infinite30?

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Step 1

Dynamic Dashboard

The dynamic dashboard acts as a hub of user activity, allowing all daily progress to be quickly and easily viewed, managed, and edited.

Step 2

Recipes and Ingredients

Users can access a vast database of pre-added Infinite30 recipes with corresponding nutritional values attached, or enter their own custom recipes.

Step 3

Weight Goal Tracking

Users can track their goal weight and check in at any time to see progress with a beautifully simple weight tracking module.

Step 4

Curated Content

Wellness and workout content is curated to users based on their phase in the Infinite30 program.

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