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Services Provided

Project Summary

OkaySo had a successful deployment in 2018 and a great core value proposition. There are often questions that people want to ask that they do not feel comfortable asking friends and family, and there are also questions that are better answered by unbiased experts than a less knowledgeable connection. OkaySo brought these users, who needed questions answered, to a space where they felt comfortable asking and where the answers had legitimacy. When the OkaySo team came to us, we identified pain points in the user journey, management platform, and overall experience. Our team then re-skinned the application, implementing functional and QOL changes to create OkaySo 2.0.

Strategy and Ideation

Analysis and Breakdown

To start the project, our team broke down the functionality of the previous OkaySo mobile application, mapping the features and functionality to visualize the user journey. We then took those user journey maps, rearranged them to maximize efficiency on the user side, and migrated the management platform to a more usable interface that would allow experts to perform tasks quickly and easily.

UI/UX Design

Visualizing the Journey

After finalizing functional changes, we were tasked with creating a theme for the application that would fit modern application styles while engaging users through clean and easily accessed UI. We chose an off-white based color scheme with purple highlights to match the company's current brand guidelines, with the interface being designed modularly, creating a framework for users to customize the color of their application in a future version.

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What is OkaySo

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Step 1

Asking a Question

Users ask a question to a team of experts. This question is automatically routed to an available team, and messaging between the user and this team is set up.

Step 2

Meaningful Q&A

Experts respond to the user who asked the question, either answering the question straight away, or continuing a conversation with that user until both parties are satisfied with their responses.

Step 3

In-Depth Feedback

After answering or having a question answered, both experts and users are provided with a question set that allows them to detail their experience and give feedback, providing OkaySo with actionable metrics for improvement.

Step 4

Sharing Conversations

After having a question answered, users can share their questions anonymously with other OkaySo members, providing a community driven FAQ for the application.

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