Powerful platform for salons, stylists, and clients to access, perform, and host style appointments.

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Project Summary

SalonOn came to us with a pain point in the hairstyling industry, pertaining specifically to independent stylists. With the rise of social media, many stylists not working at a specific venues have trouble finding locations to perform appointments, and are often left styling hair in their own houses, or the client's home. SalonOn's goal was to enable Stylists to rent chairs at existing Salon venues, complete with all of the tools needed to perform the appointment, and allow clients to choose between a variety of those venues to optimize convenience.

Strategy and Ideation

Analysis and Breakdown

To begin the project, we broke down the system and mapped out the three distinct platforms for each of the corresponding types of users: Stylists, Clients, and Salons. With a focus on the primary function of SalonOn, we created diagrams to visualize the process of requesting an appointment, performing/attending that appointment, and paying/being paid for the appointment. With three user types that had completely distinct functionality sets, the apps processes had to mapped separately with intersections built into the user journey where user types interacted with each other.

UI/UX Design

Visualizing the Journey

To begin the design process, we created a soft, modern, gender neutral theme to appeal to users of all genders and age ranges. Appointment and map UI was styled into cards as this would allow information to be displayed modularly in a variety of locations on the application.

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What is SalonOn?

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Step 1

Requesting Appointments

Users sign up and schedule an appointment. They have a choice between a variety of stylists with an inbuilt ratings system and location based appointment system.

Step 2

Managing Appointments

Stylists can view, manage, and schedule appointments in-app, as well as track earnings, apply to use Salon venues, and more.

Step 3

Payments and Performance

Appointments are tracked automatically by the application for both parties and in-depth payment and review systems allow stylists and clients to perfect their own experience.

Step 4

Salons can also manage their allowed stylists, ensuring quality and availability when allowing appointments in their venue.

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