Ensure connectivity between devices within an environment for any product you create using our frameworks.

Reach the heights of connectivity in your home or business by integrating your devices with each other. Linker Logic doesn't shy away from these heights and can help you attain them as well. Our developers have the necessary skills to develop frameworks and applications that connect you with the world, environments, and devices around you.



Our IoT technologies are set apart from the standard due to our superior knowledge that can customize a smart application that is both easy-to-use and visually appealing.

We will apply our data analytics expertise to the high volumes of information gathered from your device and construct valuable reports for your business or personal use.

All of the data from your device will be stored on the cloud, for secure and easy access.

LLT will establish a gateway to connect your smart device to the cloud.

Want to connect one of your devices or a network of devices to the cloud for remote, easy access? We can work with that!


Herman Hill
DigiRef & TrakURep

“Linker Logic Technology has built my company a very robust and healthy app that has received excellent reviews from my clients. The developers have provided courteous and prompt service that one would expect from a first class organization. Linker Logic’s leadership has worked to make certain that my app is unique and efficient to meet the needs of myself and the customers. I’m very proud to have formed a great working relationship with LLT.”



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