QA Testing

Ensure that your application avoids bugs or security breaches with our commitment to achieving the highest quality standards.

Standards for applications are constantly changing, as are the stringent requirements for security measures within an application. Our team will provide frequent testing at every stage of your application's development, ensuring the highest quality and ideal efficiency. Your enterprise can safely promise optimal quality with our integrated testing and intuitive benchmark strategies.


Beta Testing
Automated Reports
Bug Tracking

With our own proprietary testing methodology, our team uses PHPUnit, JUnit, and a host of other testing kits to ensure any released product is top notch.

Want to release without bugs? Contact us and find out more about how we test our software and how we choose to thoroughly test before release.

Automated report generation to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your product or process, giving you peace of mind during development.

A specialized team equipped with powerful testing techniques to track any errors, bugs, issues, and nonconformities in the system.


The Perfect Product

LLT strives to create perfection by providing in-depth quality assurance testing for all of your software products. Our engineering consultants examine the depth of your enterprise’s QA capabilities and assist you in enhancing the cost efficiency of internal QA testing, or provide our own proven services, assisting you throughout the development and delivery processes


Minimize your time to market by automating your testing methods, increasing efficiency and productivity. With QA testing services that cover the entire lifecycle of your product, we provide a final project delivery that puts your business ahead of the pack.



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